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Discover various networking events, organisations, communities, and more for freelancers in Belgium.

  • Your local chambers of commerce, find a list here.
  • Local association for entrepreneurs UNIZO in Flanders, 1819 in Brussels and UCM in Wallonia
  • A local BNI group; find the one closest to you here:
  • Various business networks, local and international industry associations, and federations. Please note, some might only allow companies and not freelancers, but you can always try! One example is FeWeb, the association for web- and digital service companies in Belgium. They organise many events and trainings, and they accept freelancers as members.
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit groups, e.g. Next to Freelancers in Belgium we also have subgroups in specific fields like HR, admin, IT, writers, and creative freelancers where you can interact with freelancers in niches similar to yours.  Other examples; Marketing Belgïe.
  • Masterminds, social clubs, and membership groups; e.g. The League of Unstoppables, The Merode
  • On you find especially communities and events for IT professionals, e.g. Data Science Belgium Community
  • Specific freelance networks Go4Freelance (in Dutch),
  • Some freelance job platforms and agencies also have communities and events, check e.g. Malt
  • Local coworking spaces often organize events
  • We list freelance dedicated events on our website:

Check out our blog post on 10 reasons why freelancers should network with each other.

Are there any organisations, communities, or events missing? Don’t hesitate to reach out to

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