As freelancers, we all want to enjoy the freedom, control and flexibility our businesses bring. On this podcast, Freelance Forward, host Qing Chen interviews fellow freelancers from different industries to discuss lessons learned, ideas and strategies, challenges and opportunities, so we can connect, share best practices and gather tools and resources to move our freelance business forward.

EP01. The Benefits and Pitfalls of Selling Digital Products

Front-End Developer Maarten Belmans

Maarten Belmans shares his work routine as a freelance front-end developer and discusses two exciting digital products he's launched. Topics include how to stand out in a saturated market as website plugin development, the challenges and rewards of selling software, VAT regulations for digital product sales in Europe, the happiness that comes with remote work. and the importance of self-reflection for business and personal growth. Additionally, he talks about his plans to create a community for customers to learn about eCommerce best practices.

EP02. In Tune With Sound: Exploring Nature, Music, and Business

Yoga Teacher, aspiring DJ, Molly Henderson, Founder SoundOnYoga

Join us on an inspiring yogic journey as I sit down with Molly Henderson, an Australian expat who found her calling in Belgium. Molly shares her story of starting a thriving yoga studio and how she seamlessly blends mother nature, headphones, music, and outdoor landscape into her unique yoga practice. Discover how Molly's innovative approach helps her stand out in a competitive field, as she shares valuable insights on cultivating an abundance mindset for success. We also delve into the joys and challenges of having a life partner also as your business partner, offering a glimpse into the beautiful synergy of personal and professional fulfillment.

EP03. Mastering Freelance Sales: Pricing Strategies for Success, Navigating the Feast-Famine Cycle and Maximising Value

Business Development Expert, Jean-François Bodart

Discover Jean-François Bodart's proven freelance sales framework, gain insights on escaping the freelance trap and navigating the feast-famine cycle, and explore various pricing strategies, with a focus on the value-based model. Whether you're a freelancer seeking to level up your sales game or a business owner looking for effective strategies, this episode is packed with actionable advice to help you thrive in the freelance sales arena.

EP04. What you should know about pension saving and sustainable investing

Co-Founder Duurzaam Beleggen Academy / Editor in Chief VFB, Jasper Vekeman

In this insightful episode, join Jasper Vekeman and host Qing Chen as they dive deep into the world of sustainable investing. They discuss the importance of financial literacy and share practical tips on how to secure a financially stable future. Jasper explains the various forms of sustainable investing, from ESG scores to impact investing, and how you can align your investments with your values.

Discover why it's crucial to have a plan and execute it consistently, even with small amounts. Learn how to avoid common financial pitfalls and build a healthy, long-term financial portfolio. Plus, hear about Jasper's personal journey and his mission to educate others about sustainable investing through Duurzaam Beleggen Academy and his podcast, "Het ABC van beleggen"

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced investor, this episode provides valuable insights into building wealth while making a positive impact on the world. Don't miss out on this opportunity to master sustainable investing and secure a brighter financial future.

EP05. Coaching Clarity, Year-End Self-Assessment, Saying NO, Genius Zone and Drudgery Zone: Closing 2023 with Judith Escalier Revollo

Leadership Trainer & Executive Coach

In the final episode of Freelance Forward for 2023, host Qing Chen welcomes Judith Escalier Revollo, a seasoned leadership trainer and executive coach with a cross-cultural journey from Bolivia to Belgium. The conversation kicks off by exploring how her diverse background has shaped her coaching perspective.

The distinctions between coaching, mentoring, and therapy are then clarified. Judith shares the enjoyable aspects of coaching, addressing a broad spectrum of individuals, from experienced executives to aspiring students.

The discussion shifts to the art of saying 'no', unraveling strategies and considerations for delicate situations. As the year concludes, the focus turns to the significance of self-assessment and steps we can take for a meaningful year-end reflection.

Judith provides valuable insights into personal development, emphasizing self-leadership, energy dynamics, communication, and boundary setting. Why should we start making a Not-To-Do List? How important is it to know our Genius Zone and Drudgery Zone? Tune in for a reflective and insightful journey with Judith Escalier Revollo, concluding Freelance Forward's 2023 season.

EP06. Freelancer To Agency Owner: Growth, Downsizing and Adaptation

Translator & Copywriter, Emeline Jamoul

In this podcast episode, we dive into the journey of a translator turned agency owner, Emeline Jamoul, exploring the shift from growth to downsizing. She shares experiences from freelancing to managing a team and the challenges faced. Additionally, insights from organizing the first international translation conference in Belgium and the role of AI in the translation and copywriting industry are discussed. The episode includes a template for a prospecting CRM

About the host

Qing Chen

Conference Interpreter | Language Instructor

Qing believes that words shape worlds. As an interpreter, she provides bidirectional interpreting service in English and Mandarin that help cross the language barriers and bridge cultural gaps at high-profile conferences for international organizations, multinational powerhouses and brainy academia. As a language instructor, she guides her students in the world of business English communication towards linguistic fluency, ensuring their voices are heard with confidence, clarity and conciseness. 

She has a broad interest and loves exploring unchartered territories that tickle her curiosity and bring her joy and fulfilment.


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