Community partners

They power the community with expertise and services and are dedicated to raise awareness and improve the situation for freelancers

Accountable is the best friend of the self-employed professionals.

With their mobile & web app, you can get all of your accounting under control, from managing receipts, creating personalized invoices & tracking payments to generating VAT returns.

Thanks to the connection to the bank account, the self-employed see at any point in time what they earn net & what they’ll owe to the tax office. With personalized tax tips & proactive customer service, admin & taxes are no longer a lonely task. Free version available. Learn more here.

Copyright invoicing tool Creative Shelter. They turn copyrights into cash and saves freelancers from invoicing hassle.

Digital accounting company Digicount for all accounting and bookkeeping needs.

GIGHOUSE is a Belgian matching platform, free of charge that helps freelancers in the field of Human Resources, Digital and Design, Marketing and Communication, IT, Administration & Finance to receive qualitative projects with a guaranteed cultural fit. Their user-friendly mobile application is a must-have for all freelancers looking to enhance their career.

Logo of malt freelance marketplace

Malt’s mission is to create a world where everyone is free to choose the best people to work with. We encourage all freelancers in Belgium active in IT, design and marketing to sign up now here.

If you are a company in Belgium and you are looking to hire the best freelancers in an easy way? Check out Malt’s offer here: It’s free for companies under 50 people, with a transparent matching fee of 7% for companies up to 500 people.
Malt was started by two freelancers in France in 2013 and have grown to a company of 300 people. They are now matching 300 000+ freelancers with 40 000 European companies.

Social security provider Securex offers Start2Freelance services.

Starters can get free information about starting and running a freelance business and coaching.

Tentoo logo

Freelance without being self-employed? Yes, you can! By using the services of the payrolling company Tentoo. They act as your employer, taking care of your salary and other administrative obligations, insurance, social security and tax requirements. You need to get your clients yourself and agree on your salary, which can be hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or even for the task at hand. Your client will be invoiced by Tentoo for your salary, plus an extra handling fee as agreed between the client and Tentoo.

Prefer being self-employed? Tentoo also offers a specific service for self-employed individuals. Not only do they take care of your legal and administrative obligations and make sure you are being paid on a monthly basis, they also look after your invoicing & debt collection. This means financial stability for you and more time to focus on growing your business.

Good to know: Tentoo is specialized in the cultural and audiovisual sector and acts as a social bureau for artists (‘SBK’). Students can also rely on their services, so basically they are a one-stop-shop for all.

Find out more about them through their website or their info-sessions in DutchFrench and English.

Additional community offers

They support the community with offers useful to freelancers

GraydonGo, the specialist in company information. By accessing company information reports freelancers can plan for their future better and protect themselves against unpaid invoices and fraud.

As a Freelancers in Belgium member: Get detailed credit reports of companies for 50% off via this link.