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A guide for ambitious freelancers ready to scale their business

This ebook covers everything freelancers need to know to start and grow an agency business in Belgium. It’s a practical guide to help you tackle popular challenges, avoid costly mistakes and move forward with confidence. The book is filled with personal stories from agency founders and offers actionable strategies, tips & examples that are specifically tailored to the agency business model. 

📖 What’s Inside:

  • Identity – Defining who you are and what you stand for
  • Offering – Shaping a valuable offering
  • Sales – Finding & attracting your first customers
  • Profits – Understanding profit-making dynamics
  • Operations – Creating efficient systems & workflows
  • Team – Hiring your first employees
  • Mindset – Learning how to deal with stress & work-life balance
  • At the end, access templates and resources for free!

It will be particularly helpful for freelancers and aspiring agency founders offering services related to branding, communication, marketing, product development, digital transformation, technology, HR, finance, business development and operational excellence. 


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About the author

This ebook is written by Belgian Agency Coach Thomas Joos. He has made an inspiring transition from freelance app developer to award-winning agency owner and has coached over 150 agency founders. He’s a respected thought leader & keynote speaker in the agency industry. He’s also active on LinkedIn where he shares daily tips on agency business development. 

More information:


This guide is presented by Freelancers in Belgium.


“This guide isn’t a rigid blueprint; it’s a curated selection of questions, topics, and decisions you’ll encounter on your journey. Based on my experience I’ll provide guidance without imposing a one-size-fits-all approach. ” – Thomas Joos


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