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Here is a list of 10 actionable and free tips:

With a few small habits, it’s possible to get more referrals and make the referrals work better.

  1.  Offer amazing service and do good work. Deliver quality work before the deadline, add value by giving advice and sharing resources, spot opportunities, and solve problems.
  2.  Appear professional. Make sure your branding gives a professional impression and is consistent. It is easier to get referred when appearing credible.
  3.  Have a clear online presence. Optimise your social media profiles. Make sure it’s clear what you do and who you serve.
  4.  Network. Help as many people as possible with introductions and share tips. Build relationships. Learn about what they are doing, what their goals are, what challenges them and who they are as a person. Check in with your network regularly, and keep them warm.
  5.  Make it a habit to ask for a recommendation and referrals at the end of each (successful) assignment. Ask it between the wrap-up and sending an invoice (kudos to Gertjan Werelds for the tip).
  6.  Make it easy for your client to write a referral. Give him or her a template of questions to answer; What project did you do, what was the best thing about working with you, and who would you recommend the services to? You can also use LinkedIn’s handy Recommendation feature or a form.
  7.  Use recommendation texts strategically. Use these recommendation texts on proposals, email signatures, social media profiles and posts.
  8.  Be grateful. Always thank the people who referred you and update them about the projects.
  9.  Grow your network. Connect/get followed by the right people on social media.
  10.  Post relevant content regularly. This way you stay on top of the minds of your prospects so that your name is the first they think of when they or someone they know need your services or expertise.

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