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Networking is the number one way for many freelancers to get assignments, and with access to a big networking running a freelance business is easier in so many ways. But why should we connect with fellow freelancers, our peers? Check 10 reasons below.

  1. More opportunities: The bigger your network is the easier it is to find people to collaborate with. To get referrals. To discover hidden jobs. To learn about the freelance market.
  2. Support & motivation: Freelancing feels less lonely when you can share your ups and downs with people who understand what it’s all about.
  3. Grow your business: Find freelancers to outsource tasks to & learn how other freelancers are diversifying their income.
  4. Fun: Meet new people outside of your usual circle.
  5. New perspectives & feedback: Validate your business idea and value proposition.
  6. Solve problems: Share your struggles, challenges and frustrations – someone might have been in your shoes and knows a clear-cut solution to your issues.
  7. Learn: Get answers to questions and new insights about e.g. pricing, marketing and accounting from people who are walking the talk.
  8. Become more productive: Get recommendations for the best resources: products, courses, books, methods…
  9. Increase your value in the market: By having access to expertise and complementary talent the more value you can offer to your customers.
  10. Help & share: We all know how challenging it is to start and run an independent business. We can pay it forward by sharing our experiences & knowledge.

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