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Are you a freelancer dreaming of building your own agency? πŸš€ Sign up now to be the first to know when we launch our comprehensive ebook on making the transition! Launch date May 2024!

In this guide, Thomas Joos will cover everything you need to start an agency and lay the foundations for sustainable growth.

There is nobody more suitable to collaborate on this with than him. He has made the transition from freelance app designer to agency owner (award-winning product design studio Little Miss Robot) himself and he has experience in guiding more than 150 agency founders in growing their businesses as a coach.

πŸ“– What’s Inside:

  • Intro: Why this guide? What is an agency, and who is this for?
  • Identity Design: Mission, Success Parameters, Vision
  • Service Design: Customer profiling, Problem-solving, Offering structure
  • Operational Model: Delivery, Automation, Remote Working
  • Building the Team: Roles & Responsibilities, Hiring, Support Systems
  • Attracting Early Adopters: Lead Generation, Lighthouse Clients, Agreements
  • Making Money: Pricing, Profit Generation, Financial Planning
  • Making Progress: Goal-setting, KPIs, Growth Strategies
  • Navigating Uncertainty: Dealing with Challenges, Knowing When to Stop
  • Work-Life Balance: Priorities, Time Management, Setting Boundaries


  • At the end, access templates and resources for free!


“This guide isn’t a rigid blueprint; it’s a curated selection of questions, topics, and decisions you’ll encounter on your journey. Based on my experience I’ll provide guidance without imposing a one-size-fits-all approach. ” – Thomas Joos


Note: Content may be subject to change upon final ebook release.

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