The Power of Collaboration: Building Stronger Networks and Relationships with Fellow Freelancers PANEL


Building strong relationships with fellow freelancers can be a game-changer for your business and your personal growth.
During this panel session, you’ll hear from successful freelancers who have built strong networks and collaborations with other professionals in their field. They’ll share their experiences, insights, and tips for creating meaningful connections with other freelancers.

You’ll learn how to identify potential collaborators, how to reach out and build relationships, and how to leverage your network to find new opportunities and grow your business.

You’ll also discover the benefits of collaborating with others, such as sharing knowledge and resources, expanding your reach, and creating new and exciting projects.


Annelies Delmoitié, Freelance VA

Annelies is a Freelance VA. She is working together with other freelancers who work to build her company as she works IN her company

Delphine Abdelmoula, Brand Strategist and Creative Copywriter Freelance
Delphine is starting her own collective and is bringing the concept of the French marketing collective La Collab to Belgium. 

Emma Achilli, EU Affairs and Human Rights Consultant 

Emma has been a consultant since 2021 and is part of a Brussels informal network of women consultants who share tips and tricks on a range of topics such as fee-setting, negotiating with difficult clients, contractual clauses, and intellectual property. They also share job ads. They do this in an email group and in person once a month.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: How Outsourcing Admin Can Supercharge Your Freelance Business


Get practical insights and actionable steps to leverage the power of outsourcing administrative tasks by a man who achieves a lot as a one-person business – much thanks to outsourcing parts of his admin to a virtual assistant. After this session, you will be equipped with the knowledge to optimize your workflows and increase productivity.

Get answers to questions like:

  • Why outsource your administration as a one-person business?
  • What tasks can you outsource? How to effectively work with a virtual assistant?
  • How to find the right administrative partner?
  • What does an administrative assistant cost?


Smart collaboration is in Piet Verhoeve’s DNA. He gained experience from both the corporate side as CTO of Televic and from the academic side as Director ICON at iMinds/imec. That experience was bundled in the book Win-Winnovation, which was awarded the best book in the “Learn & Development” category. In 2018 he launched the successful co-creation hub Hangar K in Kortrijk and founded his own company Origanius which helps organizations to innovate and grow faster through smart collaboration. In 2021 he kickstarted the new crossover ecosystem Medvia that combines biotechnology, digital technologies, and medical technologies in Flanders which made him win the award for Best Open Innovation Practice 2022.

Piet Verhoeve, after his engineering studies at the KU Leuven, obtained a Ph.D. at Ghent University, where he gained a lot of experience in European projects. Piet is a guest professor at Ghent University. In his scarce spare time, he supports all kinds of initiatives that make young people enthusiastic about technical or scientific studies (STEM, Coderdojo).

Unlock Your Earning Potential: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers to Maximize Their Income


  • What factors do you need to consider when setting your price?
  • Are you afraid of raising your price?
  • Should you give a discount?
  • What pricing strategies are available for freelancers?
  • What goes on in the heads of your clients when they view your price?

Join this session where we do a deep dive into pricing and get answers to these questions and more.


Steven De Boeck, Finance Advisor

Steven has worked with finances for more than 20 years. Now he is an independent financial advisor for companies of various sizes and industries helping them optimize their financial performance, increase revenue, and reduce costs. His expertise lies in analyzing financial data, identifying growth opportunities, and developing customized strategies to help companies achieve their financial objectives.

Win Over Clients: Create Irresistible Proposals and close more deals


What we will cover:

  • Your proposals are your storefront.
  • Why you should market yourself like the Spice Girls.
  • Choice engineering: the secret shortcut to a commitment.
  • Non-linear pricing for maximum close rates.
  • How to create a sense of urgency.
  • Bomb-proofing your proposals.

In this session, you will learn how to craft persuasive proposals using key scientific insights and best practices from the proven 5 INTENTS™ methodology. At the end of the workshop, you will be ready to convince your prospects with clarity, confidence, and effect.

Initially developed for marketing and sales, 5 INTENTS™ quickly found additional applications in internal communication and other strategic initiatives, including change management, corporate culture, staff retention, and many more areas in business.


Piet Saegeman, Message Strategist, Yamazoni

Piet Saegeman helps organizations optimize their messaging with applied brain science. He developed a strong interest in how organizations communicate during his experience in technology, communication, marketing, and sales at organizations including Apple and Showpad.

Today, he helps founders, CEOs, and marketing & sales leaders drive their businesses with strategic messaging. A regular speaker worldwide, Piet is an incorrigible enthusiast. He likes strong opinions, loosely held.

Special Peer2Peer learning session; ask questions, and exchange ideas with fellow freelancers


This is an opportunity for the talented freelancers participating in the event to connect, learn and share about the topics we’ve covered. Exchange ideas, stories, and insights about how you collaborate with other freelancers; outsource your admin; do your pricing and proposals. Discover proven techniques, best practices, and insider tips from your peers.


The discussions will be facilitated by Jenny Bjorklof who leads the Freelancers in Belgium community.

Tech Tools to Streamline and Elevate Your Work


Are you looking to optimize your workflow?

During this session, you’ll learn about the latest tech tools and software designed specifically for freelancers. From project management tools to communication apps, we’ll cover everything you need to know to streamline your workflow and take your business to the next level. You’ll also have the opportunity to share best practices with other freelancers.


Sanne Van Broeck is a busy freelance digital marketer with a broad set of skills and a teacher. She is also a bit of a tech nerd who loves trying out new tools to optimize her own workflow as a freelancer herself.

Your host for the day: Jean-François Bodart

Jean-François will welcome you and ensure a smooth and engaging experience for you. He will introduce the speakers. facilitate the sessions, manage the time, encourage audience participation, and maintain a positive and inclusive environment throughout the day.

As a freelancer himself juggling multiple projects and a family, Jean-François can enlive all aspects of freelancing and facilitate good discussions about the topics in this event.

He has a background as a sales freelancer in real estate, HR and marketing services and has worked with companies like Ascento, Immoweb, SD Worx, Easymatch and Ariad, he is home to many markets and types of clients.