Shumaila Sattar started her freelance journey out of a desire to fully utilize her innovative ideas, which she felt were not being capitalized on in traditional employment. She was looking for an environment where her creativity was welcomed and could flourish.

So she considered two options: finding an employer who valued her unique perspective or starting her own business. She chose the latter option after considering the skills she and her siblings had acquired throughout the years.

Her IT degree and experience in the tech sector, combined with her brother’s MBA and her sister’s BSCS-Hons and background in finance served them well. At Steeright, they offer technology, digital transformation, business continuity, cloud computing, web and other business solutions across Europe and beyond.

Shumaila’s journey was not without its challenges. She learned that adjusting to life without a fixed salary was difficult, likening it to breaking free from an addiction. However, she also realized that growth often requires taking risks. If given the chance to go back in time, she would have started her freelance journey earlier instead of waiting for the “right time”. Because that can be a trap, the best time is often right now. 

Don’t be afraid to take risks

Shumaila’s advice to other freelancers is to embrace risk. She believes that the greatest risk in life is not taking any risks at all. She encourages others not to wait for the “right time,” but to act on their ideas and use the skills they have been blessed with. She also emphasizes the importance of collaboration, advising others to find a good business partner and achieve things together.

A productive day is a day that starts off right

Shumaila starts every day with prayer, which she says keeps her calm and focused. Afterwards, she looks over her work and starts prioritizing tasks.This makes it possible to stay organized and productive throughout the day, which is important in a freelance mindset.