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Freelancer in Belgium? Looking for a new accountant? 25+ accountants by region in this article!

A freelancer needs a good accountant, but where do you start your search? We are happy to help you by sharing a list of accountants by region, as recommended by the members in the Freelancers in Belgium community. This article will constantly be updated. But first 3 tips to keep in mind and a full list of all costs that you can submit as a professional expense, thanks to Digicount!


3 tips to keep in mind when choosing an accountant


1. Follow recommendations from fellow freelancers


Before choosing, it is important to compare prices and approaches and to trust the person who will take care of your financials.


2. Set meetings with several accountants


Before choosing, it is important to compare prices and approaches and to trust the person who will take care of your financials.


3. Questions you really need to ask

  • What will it cost? Prices can range from 600-5000€/year depending on your company form, VAT status, amount of expenses and invoices, advice, tax submissions, digital tools, copyright application etc.

  • If you are tight on budget, see if there is data-entry that you can do yourself to lower the price.

  • Do they use digital tools, which ones? What will you need to do, how?

  • Do they give pro-active financial advice too or is it just admin and bookkeeping?

  • What is their preferred communication style? How long will you need to wait to get answers to questions? Can you call out of the blue? Is it better set an appointment, or is email best?

  • Do they have experience with your situation?

  • Do they update you on relevant tax changes?

A few weeks ago, we had our Freelance Forward Money Event at which Kevin Verbesselt, owner of Digicount, taught us how to reduce our taxes. A resource he recommends is All You Can Deduct, a web page where you can search business expenses and find out about their deductibility.


List of accountants by region





D&D Group Accountants (ENG/NDL),

Fidelium (NDL, ENG, FR, ES),






Cludts, Wemmel,

David Lievens at Finantra, Waterloo (ENG, NDL, FR),


W.P. Fisc & Partners, Vilvoorde

Rome & Partners (ENG/FR/NDL), Nivelles,

Charles Maldague, Louvain-La-Neuve

ILEX, Ittre,


West Flanders


Van As, Roeselare and Kortrijk,

Decupere & Partners (Diksmuide, Ieper, Nieuwpoort, Geluwe, Roeselare),

Vandelanotte, Kortrijk,

Dfisc, Brugge (extra focus on freelancers!),


East Flanders


Decupere & Partners, Gent,

Het Accountantskantoor Soenen & partners, De Pinte and Maldegem,


VDWacc, Ninove and Brakel (works with creatives and copywriters),

Joeri De Rocker,, Accountantsburo Lauwers

Eskofin, Destelbergen,

Heidi Hemelsoet, Gent,

Chris Vadecas, Gent,

Dullaert & Partners (focus on artists), Sint-Niklaas,





Boekhoudkantoor BSM, Tisselt and Mortsel,

HVCO, Antwerpen

Makofisc, Buggenhout (ENG/NDL),

Hans Eynikel, Lint,

Verschaeren en Mertens, Mechelen,




P&S, Hasselt,

ABFK Boekhoudkantoor, Beringen,

AFS-Care, Lummen,




Digicount (ENG/NL),

Patrick Blomme – Fiscloud (NDL/ENG),

SBB Online,

KMG Online,

Fiscal Team,


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